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The Thing New York Comic-Con Trailer Caps

Everyone remember back in 2010 when some of the cast from The Thing headed to the New York Comic-Con and showed a trailer that wasn’t released? Well, my good friend Darren managed to send me over a pretty decent version of the trailer and I’ve made several screen-caps off the trailer. I have to say though that this trailer definitely should’ve been the one that got released to promote the film. It was just the right amount of tension without giving anything away.

Be sure to head over to the gallery to see all the caps.

New Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster and Some Updates on The Cub

Empire Online has published a brand new UK poster for director Timur Bekmambetov’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which hits theaters on June 22 in 3D. So far, this is my favorite poster released. Be sure to see the full-sized poster in the gallery.

Also, apologizes for the lack of updates on Mary and Riley’s new short film project, The Cub, but the film surpassed the initial funding asking price of around 3K and reached $5,000+. A couple of days ago, Riley and Mary filmed The Cub with actress Savannah Lathem. And five days ago, Riley and Mary both tweeted that they had seen dailies for the film and to quote Mary: “Just watched the dailies from THE CUB and it all looks AMAZING!!  Proud producer.”

I’ll be sure to update you guys more on the progress of that film.

And on a bit of a sidenote, Hitfix has named Mary one of the sexiest stars of summer 2012.

New Valentino and Hollywood Reporter Nominees Night Pics

I’ve updated the gallery with some new MQ pics of Mary at some past events from the last couple of months. First, I added three new photos of Mary attending The Hollywood Reporter’s “Nominees’ Night 2012″ back in February and then, I updated the gallery with some new photos of her at the Valentino 50th Anniversary And New Flagship Store Opening On Rodeo Drive that Mary attended in March.

The Hollywood Reporter’s “Nominees’ Night 2012″:

Valentino 50th Anniversary And New Flagship Store Opening On Rodeo Drive

First The Thing Caps and Production Wraps on A.C.O.D.

I have finally begun to upload the first caps for 2011’s The Thing. Since I’m doing them by hand, it’ll take some time, but please bear with me. I will continue to add additional caps throughout the weekend and everyday until I get the film completely capped. You can see the current caps in the gallery.

Also, production on Mary’s new film, A.C.O.D. has officially wrapped according to Mary:

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Bryan Lee O’Malley Talks Scott Pilgrim Character Lists

Back in August of 2010 while Mary was promoting Scott Pilgrim Vs the World during one of her interviews during Comic-Con, Mary (& I think a few of the other actors too) had revealed that they had all received a list of ten facts about their character that wasn’t in the books or the film.

At the time, Mary explained:

It was just a lot about her childhood and her relationships that aren’t talked about in the books and the movie that kind of shaped who she is. And it made me understand what a sort of sad character she is at the core and not so much bad-ass and mysterious and cool so much as just guarded because she’s been through a lot of…you know.

A fan recently asked comic creator Bryan Lee O’Malley about the lists, and this was the Q&A:

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