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I have added three new stills of Mary in her upcoming A&E series The Returned. You can view them in the gallery. And in case you missed the trailer, you can view it here.

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This. Looks. Awesome! The first teaser trailer for A&E’s upcoming series The Returned has hit the web and it looks so good! The show is an adaptation of the International Emmy Award-winning French series Les Revenants. You can watch the teaser footage below and check out the full set of screencaps in the gallery.

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EO Products keeps releasing new Got A Girl perfume ads and they’re all wonderfully awesome. Check out the full-sized photo in the gallery and be sure to pick up your his or her (or both!) perfume by heading over to the site.

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Mary looked pretty in peach while attending Elle Magazine’s Annual Women in Television Celebration. You can check out the photos in the gallery and see a short snippet of Mary signing autographs after it ended.

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Following yesterday’s debut of a brand new ad for Got A Girl’s perfume collection, EO Products has released a new perfume ad which you can now view in the gallery. The latest one reads, “there is that moment…that time… and that scent.” Be sure to buy the perfume(s) by clicking here.

As a reminder:

• Boy is a woodsy scent created by Dan with bottom notes of Hinoki and top notes of Yuzu. A suggestion of Black Pepper gives this fragrance a spicy finish. Dan’s driving sensibilities are evident in this warm scent.

• Girl is a soft, floral scent created by Mary with bottom notes of Jasmine and top notes of Honey. A hint of lavender and cypress give this fragrance its woodsy finish. This fragrance captures the essence of Mary’s sweet, sultry vocals.


• Boy is like walking in a forest at the edge of a meadow — warm and woodsy with a hint of flowers at the edge, $69.00

• Girl is in the meadow, flowery and sunny — but you can still smell the forest nearby, $69.00

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Last month in December, EO Products announced that Got A Girl, the band between Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Dan the Automator, released a line of oil perfumes for him and her. A new ad on the company’s Instagram page features the two collaborators next to each other with a caption reading, “haven’t had a chance to bathe in a while?”

You can check out the full photo in the gallery and if you’d like, purchase the perfume(s) by clicking here.

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Mary stepped out on Saturday Afternoon to attend Lynn Hirschberg Celebrates W’s It Girls with Piaget and Dom Perignon pre Golden Globes event in Los Angeles. At the event, she was seen posing with her former Sky High co-star Danielle Panabaker as well as actresses Alison Brie and Allison Williams.

While there, The Hollywood Reporter asked Mary what makes a guy an “it boy”:

“Kindness and a strong sense of self. Security. Sense of humor. Not taking yourself too seriously is a big thing for me.”

Head to the gallery to check out the new photos of Mary. Her outfit is amazing. Love the coat.

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The first promo stills from Carlton Cuse’s upcoming mystery drama The Returned have hit the web and I’ve added the stills featuring Mary to the gallery. You can view them by clicking the thumbnails below:

I’ve also added pics of Mary featuring her, Carlton Cuse and her co-stars at the TCA panel from today.

Additionally, The Returned‘s executive producers Carlton Cuse and Raelle Tucker emphasized that they weren’t out to fix or amend the French version of the show. “The starting point is similar, but our show becomes quite different around episode 6 where in the French version it becomes quite genre and incident heavy at episode 8,” said Cuse. He further mentioned that the FremantleMedia French series is “working independently on season two currently.  Our show going forward will be wholly original.”

When asked about The Returned‘s similarity to Lost in its mysterious intrigue, Cuse said, “The show is a mosaic like Lost. We’re filling in tiles but not in a straight order. The weave of the characters is how the projects are similar.”

Those who did watch Les Revenants will find that the plot line is somewhat similar, since the characters are near carbon-copies from the original. Mark Pellegrino portrays patriarch Jack (Jérôme in the French version), Sophie Lowe plays Lena (versus Léna), Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Rowan (versus Adèle), India Ennenga as Camille, and Sandrine Holy as Julie. (The latter two have the same character names.) “I do think that their performances are quite different from the original French series,” executive producer Raelle Tucker says. “I feel that each one of these people brought the essence of the character. I think over episodes, you will see how those characters are quite different and shift a lot.”

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With awards season officially kicked off, one of the first Golden Globes parties was had last night, this time with Mary attending the W Magazine Celebrates The ‘Best Performances’ Portfolio And The Golden Globes party. Head to the gallery to see the pics of Mary looking lovely in her chic gold dress.

Also, come back later today to see new photos of Mary at the winter TCA event where she’ll have promoted her new TV series The Returned.

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A quick update for all of us looking forward to seeing Mary in the new A&E series The Returned: According to Twitter, tomorrow A&E will be at the winter TCA to present the upcoming show with some of the cast in attendance. Hopefully we’ll get a teaser trailer out of this! :) *Fingers crossed.*

Also, Faults was among IndieWire‘s top ’25 best films of 2015 we’ve already seen’ list. Here’s what they said about the film:

Director: Riley Stearns
Cast: Leland Orser, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Beth Grant, Chris Ellis
Synopsis: A washed-up TV guru/cult expert decides to de-program a young girl from a cult called Faults, in order to pay off the remainder of his debt.
Verdict: Riley Stearns writes and directs his first feature like a man who’s been making compelling, darkly funny, and unpredictably twisted films for years. Films about cults tend to either veer towards undiluted horror (“The Wicker Man,” “Children of the Corn”), eerie drama (“Martha Marcy May Marlene,” “The Master”) or strict genre-fare (“Kill List”), so it’s a testament to Stearns’ talents that he manages such a formidable balancing act of a spooky genre story masquerading as a suburban drama of horrors. Crumbling societal values and power trips with identity make for some of the blackest humor we’ve seen recently, and with the underused Leland Orser absolutely ripping it in a spectacular lead performance, followed so closely by the excellent and instinctive Mary Elizabeth Winstead, “Faults” is likely to end up as one of the year’s very top directorial debuts.
Our Review:
Here’s William’s B grade review from SXSW
Release Date: March 6th

The Austin Chronicle also praised the film:

Sharing much of the cast with one of my favorite gonzo action/slasher hyrbids ever, The Guest, Faults could not be more tonally different. Leland Orser plays a washed-up cult deprogrammer named Ansel Roth, hired to get a young woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) back with her family. What quickly and disturbingly unfolds is not just a battle of wits, but a Beckett-meets-Mamet descent into interpersonal darkness. Orser gives one of the year’s best performances, while Winstead’s aura of blank innocence gives director Riley Stearns space to take the movies to incredibly dark places. As I wrote during SXSW, “Stearns’ graduation to the feature leagues may be the most quietly impressive since Craig Zobel opened up the Great World of Sound.”


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