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Screen Media Films, who recently picked up the distribution rights for Mary’s new film Faults, has also acquired worldwide rights to Mary’s other film Alex of Venice. Winstead stars alongside Don Johnson, Derek Luke and Katie Nehra.

“Alex of Venice” is a drama that follows a workaholic environmental attorney named Alex Vedder (Winstead) who’s forced to reinvent herself after her husband (Messina) suddenly leaves the family. Dealing with an aging father (Johnson) who still aspires to succeed as an actor, an eccentric sister (Nehra) and an extremely shy son (Sklar Gaertner), Alex is bombarded with everything from the mundane to hilariously catastrophic events without a shoulder to lean on.  Realizing she will thrive with or without her husband, Alex discovers her hidden vulnerability as well as her inner strength as she fights to keep her family intact in the midst of the most demanding and important case of her career.

The indie movie previously played at the Tribeca, Seattle, and San Francisco Film Festivals, and is scheduled to continue on the festival circuit with stops at the Deauville, Napa Valley and Hollywood Film Festivals, before hitting theaters and VOD day-and-date in the first half of 2015.


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Focus Features has released new stills from the upcoming film Kill the Messenger and among them, two of them feature Mary as editor Anna Simmons. Head to the gallery to check out the new pics.

Kill the Messenger will hit theaters October 10 in limited release before expanding later in the month.

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After much wait, it’s been announced that Faults, the cult thriller starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be released early next year.

Screen Media Films has acquired U.S. rights to writer-director Riley Stearns’ indie thriller “Faults,” which also stars Leland Orser, Beth Grant, Chris Ellis, Jon Gries and Lance Reddick, the company announced Tuesday.

“Faults,” which serves as Stearns’s directorial debut, made its world premiere earlier this year at SXSW. Screen Media will give the film a nationwide theatrical release on March 6, 2015 that will be accompanied by a day-and-date VOD platform release.

Faults follows Claire (Winstead), who is under the grip of a mysterious cult called Faults. Desperate to be reunited with their daughter, Claire’s parents set out to recruit Ansel Roth (Orser), one of the world’s foremost authorities on cults and mind control. But Ansel’s specialty, deprogramming cult members and returning them to their families, is not an exact science, and a series of financial setbacks has left him in debt to his manager. Ansel warns Claire’s parents that his deprogramming methods are risky and expensive, but they agree to hire him to kidnap and deprogram their daughter. Claire quickly reveals herself to be a formidable challenge. Her belief is unshakeable and her logic is undeniable. A battle of wits develops between the two as they delve deeper and deeper into each other’s mind.

This news comes after it was announced that Mary has the lead in the new film The Cellar.

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Chalk up a new film for our girl! Variety is reporting that Mary is set to star in Paramount and Bad Robot’s “The Cellar.”

The majority of the movie takes place in an underground cellar, and revolves around a young woman who wakes up in the cellar after a severe car accident and fears she has been abducted. Her captor, a doomsday prepper (Goodman), tells her he saved her life and that there has been a terrible chemical attack that has left the outside uninhabitable. She does not know what to believe and as tensions rise, she decides she must escape, regardless of the terrors that await outside.

The film will also star John Goodman and filming is scheduled to begin in the fall.

Congrats, Mary! :)

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The Deauville Film Festival begins on September 5th and among the films having their premieres, Alex of Venice has landed among the list. That said, a new still has been released via the official festival page. Head to the gallery to check out the full-sized photo.



Also, the Film List has published a new review regarding Faults which you can read here.


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Flicks and Bits posted new Kill the Messenger stills and one of them features Mary. You can view the still with Mary in the gallery. The film stars Jeremy Renner and hit theaters this October.

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First up, Mary spoke with the Belfast Telegraph where she says she was cautious about approaching a singing career. She explains she’d been approached about singing before, but nothing ever “struck me as a good idea, because it was just uninteresting pop that tried to cash in on whatever name value I might have as an actor. That’s not something I ever wanted to do,” she said.

Mary added: “Once I hooked up with Dan, I didn’t have any fears.

“I admired him so much musically, that working with him was great. And it was such a good opportunity for me personally, just as a fan of his, that I would never worry about what anyone else would think. You get people who are actors slash models slash singers slash whatever, just because it gets their name out there some more,” Winstead mused. “I’m not interested in that at all.”

Next, Way Too Indie gave Faults a 9/10 score:

Its premiere at SXSW earlier in the year started off the buzz (with our very own Dustin loving it to bits,) but Faults massively blinked on my radar when it was announced for Montreal’s genre festival Fantasia simply because I’ve become a bona fide Winstead fan, after her stunning performance in 2012’s Smashed. The streak continues here; she peels off Claire’s layers with agility and complete composure to reveal a fascinating and devilishly twisted character.

Complex meanwhile also loved the film:

Faults has the feel of a cinematic stage play, one in which Orser and Winstead get it on in an unpredictable battle of wits. First-time writer-director Riley Stearns tightly volleys around from laughs to creepiness, with a constant sense of mystery and subtle dread giving way to a well-earned surprise ending.

Be sure to click on any of the above links to read the reviews in full!

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Pret-A-Porter caught up with Mary Elizabeth Winstead to talk about her new album, fashion and style. Check out some of the highlights below and then head to the gallery to check out the great, new pics!

We also see that you’ll be starring in the film Faults. How was working on that?

My husband (director Riley Stearns) and I worked on that film together. I’m so proud of it. He wrote and directed it. I’m in it and produced it as well. It was such a blast to make. We just know each other so well that it was so easy. He’s very, very specific in what he wants, which can be frustrating, sometimes, with directors who are specific and if you don’t understand their vision, that can be hard to get there, but because I know him so well, it was so exciting to know exactly what he had in his head and to execute that. It was really fun to go through that process together.

Sounds like you’re very much into vintage. How would you describe your personal style?

I’ve always been pretty feminine and retro. As I’m getting older, I’m starting to add a lot more elements of menswear and comfort, which maybe just a part of getting older. (Laughs.) I think on one hand, I’m starting to like to look a little more powerful so I like a lot of blazers and boots — things that I didn’t used to wear that I’m starting to venture toward like high-waist pants and suits. For a while there, I had nothing but dresses. I didn’t have any shirts or pants. It was just a closet full of ’50s to ’60s  silhouette dresses. I’ve always been a dress girl, and I think part of it has a lot to do with my body shape, which is suited for dresses that are fitted on the waist and then A-lined out so I’ve always been drawn to that because it’s flattering and I’ve always been more drawn to vintage styles. I’m beginning to own my figure more and I don’t mind myself in pants. I used to be like, ‘I don’t want to show my hips and butt.’ I was so self-conscious, but now I’m like whatever. I’ll even do pajama pants sometimes because you know, they’re not always so flattering, but it’s comfortable and cool.

What’s been your biggest summer splurge lately?

I am working in Vancouver right now and there’s a store called Gravity Pope. I’m working there for four months and I’m planning on going there once a month to splurge on something because it’s this amazing store that has all the best stuff. I got these great Rag & Bone boots there. I’ve been wanting them for a long time, so I was just, like, ‘I’m going to do it.’

How long will you be in Vancouver for and what’s the project you’re working on?

I’ll be shooting there until the beginning of October. It’s called The Return. It’s a 10-episode series from A&E that’s based on a French show. It’s kind of dark, moody and mysterious. It’s about a small town where all these people who have died there start coming back for no reason. They’re not ghosts, zombies or anything. They’re just there and nobody knows why. It’s about their relationships and the consequences of them coming back where they’re not supposed to come back. It’s a lot of good drama.

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As the title reads, new reviews for Mary’s debut album as well as her latest film Faults have come online. Click on each link to read the reviews in full.

Faults Review:

FAULTS is a two-hander, with Orser giving the performance of his career as the downtrodden deprogrammer.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Stearns’ partner) plays his unwilling subject, and as always she’s excellent. Winstead excels in indie roles, and the part was probably tailor-made for her and it shows. While Orser probably has the showier or the two roles, Winstead’s part is arguably trickier, with her having to walk a fine line between playing an unwitting victim and possibly something more sinister throughout her lengthy exchanges with Orser. With a good 70% of the movie being confined to a single motel room, it’s impressive how much mileage Stearns is able to get out of the film visually, opting to shoot in scope 2:35:1, which is unusual for such an intimate film. He’s managed to make a very dynamic film, with some interesting shots, and terrific sound design giving this a polished feel that makes it seem like it cost a lot more than it probably did.
NME reviewed the I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now album:
Got A Girl are actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead and producer/Deltron 3030 member Dan ‘The Automator’ Nakamura. They met while making Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (she played Ramona Flowers, he wrote the score), and bonded over their shared love of French yé-yé singers such as Serge Gainsbourg and Françoise Hardy. The result is not unlike Lana Del Rey, but with fun instead of fatalistic gloom. Nakamura’s lush arrangements are bolstered by gentle hip-hop beats and Winstead’s seductive voice is given grit by playfully sinister lyrics: “Maybe soon you’ll see the real me”, she sings on ‘Things Will Never Be The Same’. It sounds more like a threat than a promise.

Expect more reviews tomorrow when the album hits stores in the U.S.!
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Thanks to Paige, I’ve added new photo portraits of Mary when she was promoting Alex of Venice at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Head to the gallery to check them out!

The third pic is my favorite of the bunch. :)

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