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I have added close to a thousand screen caps of Mary in her latest film, Alex of Venice. Head to the gallery to view the whole set of photos and if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to rent/buy the film over on iTunes. Mary is simply amazing in the flick!

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Mary recently did an interview with about her role in Alex of Venice and The Returned among other things. Click the link to read the full interview. Below are some highlights:

DETAILS: You’re currently on A&E’s resurrection drama The Returned. Do you believe in life after death?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I’m not sure if I believe in it. I certainly hope that something like that could be true. But I also wouldn’t quite call myself a believer. I’d say I am open—I’m open to possibilities.

DETAILS: You’re a renowned “scream queen” because of all the horror movies on your resume. What scares you in real life?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I’m scared of complacency in my career. I have a real fear of getting too comfortable and not reaching my full potential in life because of that.

DETAILS: What else would people be surprised to know about you?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: When it comes to people in the industry, I tend to be quite different in terms the goals that I have. I just want to do good work and work with other talented people. I kind of shy away from the sort of eagerness and neediness that is seen a lot around here: People who are desperate for fame. And I’m actually surprised by people who are surprised by the fact that there would be somebody in the entertainment industry who wouldn’t be attracted to those things. I mean, it takes so much work to put yourself out there like that. If your goal is to be famous, it really is a full-time job. You’ve go to sell yourself and make yourself a brand and do all this stuff. But I’ve never been interested in that side of things.

Mary also did an interview with The Mary Sue where she talked more in depth about Alex of Venice, returning to studio films and working with her husband on Faults. Click the link above to read it in full!

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With Alex of Venice being released on iTunes, the latest (and probably final) clip of Mary in the film has been posted online. You can watch it below and I will screen cap it some time tomorrow. For now, enjoy it and be sure to rent it ASAP!

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With Alex of Venice hitting select theaters tomorrow and also being released on VOD, more new interviews and reviews about the film have been released. First up, Mary did a short interview with Too Fab. Below are highlights:

toofab: You’re on an indie roll right now, what draws you to these kinds of films?

Mary: Its just the bigger films tend to be male driven. It’s kind of hard to find like an interesting complex female role in those worlds. Not to say they aren’t great movies, but from time to time I kind of get rolled in to play the girlfriend if it’s exciting enough. A lot of times, they end up being the thing I don’t want to continue to do. My goal in a perfect world would be this movie to be a wide release.

toofab: What was it about this latest project that you loved?

Mary: I was kind of no brainer when I read it. It feels like a movie that I could’ve seen from the ‘70s or early ‘80s, back when these films were blockbusters, when stories about women trying to figure out their lives out was a really big deal. Those are the kinds of films I love and I was really excited to get to do something like that.

Twitch Film also did a lengthy interview with her. Read the full interview by clicking on the provided link:

You’ve played some broken characters dealing with real issues people face every day, Alex in ALEX OF VENICE is a perfect example of one of these characters. Why are these roles important for you to play and why do you think stories like ALEX OF VENICE are important to cinema?

Man. In terms of the roles that I’m drawn to, I demand a certain complexity. Just for myself, I feel like the older I get and the further down my career I get, I just want to have roles that are exciting to me and challenging to me. I want there to be a level of complexity that, um, makes me a better actor at the end of the day. I don’t want to be bored by the characters that I play. Those are all really important things for me, in finding a role. 

I think, in terms of why a film like this is needed, it’s really rare to get to see this full life represented, particularly for a female and particularly for my age-range and things like that. We get to see her as a mother and a wife and a sister and a daughter and a lawyer. We get to see how she behaves in all of these relationship and how she can be, sort of, different people within this one person. 

Aisle Seat also praises Mary’s performance in the film by writing: The actress, who’s appeared in everything from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to Smashed, once again displays incredible range. She gives a very interior performance, allowing us to see not only what Alex is showing to those around her, but also what she’s feeling and keeping to herself. Because she is so good, we follow Alex with great empathy, hoping that she’s able to sort out her personal dilemmas. It also establishes beyond a doubt that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is one of the most important young actresses on the screen today.
You can read another review from here and from the NY Times.
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As the title reads, Ain’t It Cool News recently chatted with Mary about her upcoming film, Alex of Venice. Below are some highlights from the interview, and be sure to click on the link above to read the full Q&A:

With this film, when you first read this script, what was it about Alex that jumped out at you? Was there an aspect to her life or the upheaval that happens to it that made you think, “I’ve seen that before,” or “I know someone that’s happened to”?

MEW: I think in general, the complexity of the role was really exciting to me and the reliability of it. I loved the fact that you get to see her with her sister and her husband and her father and her son, and you get to see the full spectrum of relationships and how she handles herself in each one. I am really drawn to characters who are trying to be better people and in every scene are striving to figure out what it is about their lives that isn’t working and how they can grow from that and move on and become better. So that was something that really spoke to me about this role, too, is you feel like all the way through the end she’s trying to figure out how to do this. How do I be a good sister? How do I be a good mom? How do I be a good daughter? How do I be a good wife? And I think that that is something for me that is incredibly relatable and universal.

I heard about these crazy long takes that he  did, too. How did you like that experience?

MEW: I loved that. I absolutely loved getting to play. A lot of times he let the camera play out and see what happens, and other times he would stoke the fire. He would go behind the camera and he would just shout stuff out: “Tell her you love her. Tell her you can’t stand her anymore. Tell her you’re sick of her,” just to switch things up and see what happens. I loved that. I really loved that energy when you don’t know what’s going to happen in a scene and if something brilliant can come about that you never expected. I love that.

Don Johnson is phenomenal in this. I’ve seen him in quite a few things in the last few years, but usually they bring him in just for the vibe or comic relief. But here, he’s actually digging in, and just eating this thing whole. What did you learn from him just watching him work and embody this this character?

MEW: He’s a really inspiring person, because he’s just so committed as an actor. He came to it and hit the ground running in terms of wanting this character to feel authentic and doing whatever he could to get it there. He’s maybe not synonymous with a being serious actor, because he’s known for “Miami Vice” and other things, but I think when you go back to the beginning of his career, he was in acting school and alongside really serious actors. That’s always been where his heart lies. To me, I always loved watching him. And I really felt like I was getting to act along side somebody who was the real deal, who has seen a lot as an actor, and experienced a lot, and is someone I can really learn from.


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A new promo for next week’s episode of The Returned has been put online and you can view it below. The episode will concentrate on Mary’s character Rowan. I also added screencaps of the video to the gallery.

In other news, Joblo gave Alex of Venice a really fantastic review. Here’s what they had to say:

ALEX OF VENICE is an impressive directorial debut for actor Chris Messina. Well-known for his work in movies and on The Mindy Project, Messina’s first film behind the camera is a sensitive character piece that works as another strong showcase for Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who’s quickly establishing herself as one of the preeminent actresses of the American indie movie scene.
One of the best things about Winstead is that she’s such a naturalistic performer. Many of her contemporaries go for “big” performances but she’s always been far more subtle, a fact that makes her consistently believable whatever the part. She’s perfect for Alex – who’s a go-getter but is also convincingly human, in that we see her getting flustered in court, and expressing grave doubts about her ability to juggle family and work. Winstead’s as drop-dead gorgeous as any major starlet, but she’s able to convey a certain degree of shyness, making it feasible that after splitting with her hubby that she’d be awkward trying to meet men. It’s really a nuanced performance and it seems obvious that sooner or later Winstead will be acknowledged as one of the great actresses of her generation.

The movie is currently at a rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and if you want to read more reviews (so far) about the film, just click on the above link.

Be sure to pre-order the film over on iTunes if you haven’t done so already! It’ll be out this Friday!
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With Alex of Venice being released in limited release this Friday and available on Video on Demand on the same day, new interviews with Mary will be released throughout the week. Another new interview with her has been released with Mary and her co-star/writer of the film Katie Nehra. Check it out below:

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Following the release of its first clip, a new Alex of Venice clip has been released via Vulture. In the clip, we see Messina’s George on this way out — a cruel acknowledgement that he isn’t getting what he wants from his supposedly happy little family. Alex is blindsided. You can view it by visiting the site here.
Also, a new interview with Mary discussing the film has been posted online via RamaScreen. Here are some highlights:

How challenging was it to work with an actor who was also directing you at the same time? Did that get awkward on the set? Was that your first time experience like that?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: “It was my first experience like that, but it never really got awkward. I think my fears about working with an actor/director would be that, exactly like you said, it would be that instead of acting with me in a scene, they would be sort of watching and judging me, and then I’d be thinking, ‘Am I doing it right?’ And that’s the last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re acting in a scene, you just want to be connecting and bringing the character to life in the most authentic way. That was never an issue with Chris [Messina] when he was directing, I never felt like I was being judged, or micro-managed in any way. He really was just so open and giving and he just wanted everybody to have an opportunity to be great and to shine brightly, and to let them do that on their own term, he was just lovely in every way.”

So what was it like working with the great Don Johnson?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: “It was fantastic. He was such a brilliant actor. Remembered so much for “Miami Vice” there are things people remember about that show, and also the personalities. But I think that may overshadow the fact that he’s just flat out great actor and I think he always has been, he’s really about the craft and becoming better and that’s hugely inspiring for me. He was talking to me about writing something. He’s still expanding in terms of who he is as a creative person and I love that, I love being around people like that.”

I’m glad you’re doing all these indie movies and I’ve been enjoying them, but do you miss doing studio movies? When will you come back to the studio circuit?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: “Ya know, I would love to do studio movies. I think I’m just drawn characters that I find complex and materials that excite me. So ya know, there are certainly studio movies that I talk about and haven’t worked out for one reason or another, I have a film coming out later this fall, it’s for Paramount, so that’s a studio film. So I’m happy to do any kind of movie and any kind of project that speaks to me in terms of the character and the material. I think the main issue for me is that it’s hard for me to find big studio movies, for me, that have roles that are exciting for me, just in the past couple of years, but I’m on the hunt for that for sure.”

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The first clip of Mary in Alex of Venice has been released via Indiewire. The scene also gives us a first look at Don Johnson playing Mary’s father in the film. Check it out below:

In other news, a brand new interview with Mary talking about Faults and her other projects has been posted online. Click on the link here to read it in full. Below are some highlights:


SCREAM: Riley told me he would show you about ten pages each day as he wrote them. How much input would you say you provided in terms of the story and characters?

MEW: I definitely gave my thoughts on everything that I read and, for the most part, I loved what I was reading so I didn’t have a tonne of stuff to say. I would give little notes about my character and would just kind of gently push him along the way to make sure he gave me something juicy to do, which he did in spades. Some of those notes he took and others he didn’t but I knew that he was making something great so I gave as much constructive criticism here and there as I could but everything ultimately was exciting to me and I knew he was working towards something that I was going to be really excited to be involved in.


SCREAM: I know you had your doubts about taking on the role but you must be delighted that you did in hindsight.

MEW: I’m certainly thankful that I did it now. I always wanted to do it but I think I just had fears about the character and whether or not I could pull it off. I wondered that if I wasn’t his wife that I wouldn’t be the person that he would cast. I guess that, as an actor, because you go through so many rejections you kind of get used to being told you’re not right for something. *laughs* Pretty much any time I get offered something I kind of go, “Are you sure?” I mean, I’ve been told so many times over the years that I’m not right for these kinds of parts that I wonder if can really pull them off. But it’s nice to get the challenge and to feel like you’ve achieved something that you didn’t know whether or not you could do.

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Mary looked totally gorgeous at the Los Angeles premiere of her latest film, Alex of Venice where she was joined by her co-stars Katie Nehra, Don Johnson and Chris Messina (who also directed). Head to the gallery to check out over 150+ photos and view some videos of her below on the red carpet and giving an interview to a reporter discussing her movie and her show, The Returned.

Glamour Magazine also caught up with the cast at the premiere and Mary revealed what it was like to be directed by Messina:

“It was my first time being directed by an actor, and that’s such a luxury. He is somebody that really understands where you’re coming from and can talk to you in a way that makes sense as an actor. He just had such an open, giving, collaborative spirit, and let the camera roll and let us do whatever felt right in the moment. It was a dream scenario for an actor.”

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