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I’ve added lots of new photos (over 100) of Mary at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new film Alex of Venice. Head to the gallery to check them out.

Also, I’ve added the first poster to the gallery as well.

Additionally, the Tribeca Film Festival Q&A with the cast of Alex of Venice is now online:

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Yesterday was the world premiere for Mary’s new film Alex of Venice which was held at the Tribeca International Film Festival. Head to the gallery to check out over 60+ photos.

Alex of Venice

Also, if you missed Mary’s interview with Huffington Post, you can view it below:

Finally, The Wrap caught the premiere of Alex of Venice and had lots of praise for Mary’s work in the film. Click on the link to read it in full.

But this is Winstead’s movie – and while her performance is understated, it reinforces what “Smashed” suggested two years ago: She is a terrific, underappreciated actress adept at bringing life, heart and humor to stories of women trying to cope in difficult circumstances sometimes of their own making, sometimes not.

Messina claims he can’t take credit for Winstead’s performance – “that’s what she did, and we were smart enough to roll the cameras and capture it” – but he also said that he was determined to create the kind of acting enviroment that he finds most satisfying – one that’s not exactly what he’s asked to do on Mindy Kaling’s sitcom “The Mindy Project” and Aaron Sorkin’s drama “The Newsroom.”

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Mary is officially in New York and is underway promoting her new dramatic film Alex of Venice. Her first stop was taking part in the Tribeca International Film Festival portraits which you can now view in the gallery!


Be sure to come back later today to check out her HuffPo Live interview where she’ll talk about the film!

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New photos of Mary being interviewed during the South by Southwest Festival in Austin last week have hit the web via the Paste Magazine site. At the event, Mary, Riley and Leland Orser talked about their new film Faults. Stay tuned for the interview, but in the meantime, head to the gallery to check out the new pics!

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The first photos of Mary filming scenes for her new TV show Exposed have hit the web courtesy of YVR Shoots. According to the site, Mary filmed an exterior scene in Yaletown  along with Fran Kranz who plays her tech genius younger brother and walked across Homer Street in take after take as a prop Benny’s Cab drove by.

Mary plays Anna, a journalist who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth and ends up aligning herself with the wrong people to do it. Head to the gallery to check out the pics!

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We Live Film was recently at SXSW 2014 where they got to check out Mary’s new film Faults. That said, below is there review, along with press pics they took when they were being interviewed. You can see them in the gallery.

Faults is a mysterious little gem from first-time feature film director Riley Stearns. Stearns also wrote the screenplay, and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, stars in the film and helped produce it. This was obviously a passion project for them, as Winstead gives one of her best performances yet and Stearns announces himself as a true talent. Claire claims to be involved with a group called “Faults,” which supposedly allows people to see past the ridiculousness of human life and move on into other stages. Roth takes the matters into his hands by taking her for five days and speaking to her in a hotel room. The majority of the film takes place in the room and deals with the process of deprogramming, but it has some twists and turns along the way.

Faults wouldn’t have worked as well if not for the two lead performances. Winstead brings a deepness and darkness to the table that we haven’t really seen from her before. The performance at once invites both creepiness and sympathy, which is a hard thing to pull off. I hope the actress continues to take risks like this.

Score: 3 ½ out of 4 stars (Grade Equivalent for Me: A-)


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Yesterday in Texas, Mary premiered her new film Faults at the 2014 SXSW Festival alongside Riley Stearns and co-stars Leland Orser, Beth Grant and actor Jon Gries. Head to the gallery to check out the pics in HQ and also check out a new video interview Mary did with We Live Film discussing the movie.

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New candids have been added to the gallery of Mary arriving in Austin, Texas yesterday for the SXSW Festival. Mary’s in town to premiere her new film Faults which is directed by her husband Riley Stearns.

Love this look! Be sure to check out the full set!

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The first still of Mary in Chris Messina’s Alex of Venice has been released via the Tribeca Film Festival site.


As previously announced, the film will be making it’s world premiere at the festival this April.

Head to the gallery to check out the full-sized pic!

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After all the awards were handed out last night, the after parties were in full-swing and Mary attended Vanity Fair’s Oscars party where she looked like a lovely vision in white. Head to the gallery to check out all the pics, the first 20+ pics are in HQ.

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