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I have added screen caps for the last 2 episodes of The Returned and you can check them out by clicking on the respective thumbnails below. No word yet if there will be a season 2, but I will keep you all updated on that news. For now, enjoy the final caps from season 1.

1×09 screencaps: Helen–

1×10 caps– “Peter”

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I have added close to a thousand screen caps of Mary in her latest film, Alex of Venice. Head to the gallery to view the whole set of photos and if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to rent/buy the film over on iTunes. Mary is simply amazing in the flick!

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I have added new stills of Mary in next week’s episode of A&E’s The Returned. Monday’s episode will also be the season 1 finale so be sure to tune in! Also, be sure to check out the preview for the ep below and check out the pics in the gallery.

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Thanks to Paige, I’ve uploaded two new outtakes of Mary’s Bullett Magazine session from the summer of 2012. Head to the gallery to check them out!

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PBS released a new photo today of Mary and actress Hannah James in the upcoming civil war drama, Mercy Street. You can head to the gallery to check out the full-sized pic.

In the new PBS drama MERCY STREET, Hannah James plays Emma Green and Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Mary Phinney, two volunteer nurses on opposing sides of the Civil War. Mercy Street debuts in January 2016.

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Mary has been a bit quieter than usual on social media lately, and its because she’s been busy another new series, this time for PBS. According to The Wrap,“How I Met Your Mother” alum Josh Radnor and “The Returned’s” Mary Elizabeth Winstead will star in PBS’s civil war drama “Mercy Street” from exec producers Ridley Scott, David W. Zucker, David Zabel and Lisa Q. Wolfinger, the network announced Wednesday.

Directors Roxann Dawson and Jeremy Webb have also been added to the six-part series, which marks the first American drama to air on PBS in over a decade.

“Mercy Street” follows the lives of two volunteer nurses on opposing sides of the Civil War — New England abolitionist Mary Phinney (Winstead) and Confederate supporter Emma Green (played by newcomer Hannah James) — when the Green family’s luxury hotel in Alexandria, Virginia, has been transformed into Mansion House, a Union Army hospital tending to those wounded by the war. The series is inspired by memoirs and letters from real doctors and nurse volunteers at Mansion House Hospital.

Mary’s character is described as a feisty New Englander and widow who is a newcomer at Mansion House Hospital.

Filmed on location in Virginia, “Mercy Street” will be the first American drama to air on PBS in more than a decade. The series will join the final season of “Downton Abbey” in winter 2016 on “Masterpiece.”

Congrats, Mary!!

And be sure to head to the gallery to check out the full-sized first look photo!

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Thanks to Paige, I have added screencaps of Mary’s scenes in episodes 7 and 8 of The Returned which are now up in the gallery. Below, you can also find a preview for next week’s episode which I’ve also capped. Also, come back later for a BIG announcement! :)

‘Rowan’ screencaps

‘Claire’ screencaps

1×09 teaser– ‘Helen’

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I have added the latest stills of Mary Elizabeth Winstead in next week’s episode of The Returned titled after her character, Rowan. Head to the gallery to check them out, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you can view the promo for the ep below:

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A new promo for next week’s episode of The Returned has been put online and you can view it below. The episode will concentrate on Mary’s character Rowan. I also added screencaps of the video to the gallery.

In other news, Joblo gave Alex of Venice a really fantastic review. Here’s what they had to say:

ALEX OF VENICE is an impressive directorial debut for actor Chris Messina. Well-known for his work in movies and on The Mindy Project, Messina’s first film behind the camera is a sensitive character piece that works as another strong showcase for Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who’s quickly establishing herself as one of the preeminent actresses of the American indie movie scene.
One of the best things about Winstead is that she’s such a naturalistic performer. Many of her contemporaries go for “big” performances but she’s always been far more subtle, a fact that makes her consistently believable whatever the part. She’s perfect for Alex – who’s a go-getter but is also convincingly human, in that we see her getting flustered in court, and expressing grave doubts about her ability to juggle family and work. Winstead’s as drop-dead gorgeous as any major starlet, but she’s able to convey a certain degree of shyness, making it feasible that after splitting with her hubby that she’d be awkward trying to meet men. It’s really a nuanced performance and it seems obvious that sooner or later Winstead will be acknowledged as one of the great actresses of her generation.

The movie is currently at a rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and if you want to read more reviews (so far) about the film, just click on the above link.

Be sure to pre-order the film over on iTunes if you haven’t done so already! It’ll be out this Friday!
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Thanks to Paige, I have added screencaps of Mary in last week’s episode of The Returned. Head to the gallery to view them all. I will add the preview for 1×07 later today, which is titled Rowan. Mary’s character was not featured in last night’s episode.

Also, stay tuned for more interviews of Mary talking about Alex of Venice, which will be available on VOD this Friday.

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