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I have added new photos of Mary being spotted leaving the SiriusXM studios in New York City earlier this week. While visiting the radio studio, Mary promoted her upcoming film Faults, out on iTunes next week, and her upcoming A&E show, The Returned debuting March 9th.

Head to the gallery to check out the pics.

Celebrities visit the Sirius XM studios in Midtown Manhattan

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After a ton of waiting, the trailer for Mary’s upcoming film ‘Alex of Venice’ finally hit the web yesterday and it does not disappoint! Hitting theaters in limited release and being released on VOD April 17, Here’s the film’s synopsis:

Workaholic attorney Alex (Winstead) is forced to reinvent her life after her husband (Chris Messina) suddenly leaves. Now faced with the humdrum and sometimes catastrophic events that permeate the fabric of our lives, Alex discovers both a vulnerability and inner strength she had not yet tapped all while trying to hold together her broken family.

Watch the trailer below and then head to the gallery to check out the screencaps!

Also, I have added new photos of Mary stopping the SiriusXM Studios yesterday in New York where she promoted her new film Faults and her upcoming TV show, The Returned. While there, she also bumped into Jenny McCarthy. You can view the full set by clicking on the pictures below:

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A brand new poster for Mary’s upcoming film Alex of Venice, directed by ‘The Mindy Project’s’Chris Messina has hit the web via ET. Head to the gallery to check out the brand new poster! A release date has also been revealed–April 17th!

Speaking with ET, Messina had this to say about Mary’s performance in the film:

Thankfully, it seems, this time he had an incredible cast to lean on, including Winstead (Smashed, The Spectacular Now) and Don Johnson, as Alex’s father who is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s. For the former, Messina says of her casting, “Women that age, unfortunately, there aren’t enough roles for them. We had a lot of really great people wanting to do it, but Mary came in and she’s just an extraordinary actress.”

Her turn in Alex of Venice is just as extraordinary, playing one of those flawed, complex female protagonists that cinema desperately needs more of. “I recognize myself in movies when nobody is bad or good, we’re just human,” Chris said on the subject. “You can look at me, myself, Chris, and you could say ‘Oh, he seemed OK in this interview’ and then I hang up this phone and start yelling at someone in my car. We’re just human we make mistakes and we’re complicated, and that’s what I saw in [Alex.]”

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I have added new candids of Mary shopping with a friend at The Grove in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon . Head to the gallery to check out the new batch of photos! While out, she stopped by the store Madewell.

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The Film Society Lincoln Center’s 15th edition of Film Comment magazine has announced it’s new film festival line-up and among the many movies is Mary’s latest film, Faults. The movie will play Monday, February 23 at 8:30 pm. Tickets are available on the site which you can purchase here. New stills have also been released which you can view in the gallery.

Also, IGN has premiered a brand new trailer for Mary’s new show, The Returned, based on the French series Les Revenants. View the trailer below and head to the gallery to check out the full set of trailer screencaps.

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Following the release of the poster yesterday, iTunes has released the trailer for Riley Stearns’ feature film, Faults. Head to iTunes now to see it (link above), or view it below. I’ve also posted screencaps in the gallery.

Alternatively, you can view the trailer below:

You can also pre-order the film to view over at iTunes or on Vimeo where  you can rent it for $6.99. The film heads to theaters and VOD March 6.

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Indiewire has debuted a fantastic poster for Riley Stearns’ feature film, Faults. The film premiered last year at SXSW to great reviews, and it was be headed to theaters on March 6 and available for VOD the same day. Also starring Leland Orser, Chris Ellis and Beth Grant, here’s the film’s synopsis:

Claire is under the grip of a mysterious cult called Faults. Desperate to be reunited with their daughter, Claire’s parents set out to recruit Ansel Roth, one of the world’s foremost authorities on cults and mind control. But Ansel’s specialty, deprogramming cult members and returning them to their families, is not an exact science, and a series of financial setbacks has left him in debt to his manager. Ansel warns Claire’s parents that his deprogramming methods are risky and expensive, but they agree to hire him to kidnap and deprogram their daughter. Claire quickly reveals herself to be a formidable challenge. Her belief is unshakeable and her logic is undeniable. A battle of wits develops between the two as they delve deeper and deeper into each other’s minds.

Head to the gallery to see the full-sized poster.


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Thanks to Paige, I have added three new lovely Bello Magazine outtakes from Mary’s October 2014 photoshoot. You can view them in the gallery.


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Thanks to Fitiri, I have added one new still of Mary in A Good Day to Die Hard and some new stills of her as Mary Todd Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Head to the gallery to check out the new additions!

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I have added three new stills of Mary in her upcoming A&E series The Returned. You can view them in the gallery. And in case you missed the trailer, you can view it here.

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