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I have added a few new candids of Mary leaving The Today Show studio last month in New York when she stopped by to promote her film Kill the Messenger. You can head to the gallery to see the new additions as well as the full set.

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I have added new photo shoot outtakes from two of Mary’s most recent shoots, Institute and Prestige Magazine. Head to the gallery to check out the full sets!

Institute Mag:

Prestige Mag:

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I’ve added new HQ photos of Mary in New York City yesterday after taping a segment for the Today Show where she promoted her new film Kill the Messenger. In case you missed the video interview, you can watch it here. Be sure to head to the gallery to view all the pics of Mary leaving the studio.

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Last night in New York, Mary attended the red carpet premiere of her latest film Kill the Messenger. At the event, she was photographed with her co-stars including Jeremy Renner and Rosemarie DeWitt and director Michael Cuesta. You can view all the photos in the gallery.

Also, Mary will be on the TODAY show so come back soon to see the video!

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I’ve gone ahead and screen-capped the latest clip released from Focus Features’ Kill the Messenger starring Jeremy Renner. You can view the full set by heading over to the gallery. KTM hits theaters in limited release tomorrow, October 10, before expanding into more theaters.

And in case the video didn’t work when I linked it in the last post, you can also view it below via Youtube.

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Mary looks absolutely lovely in the latest issue of Rhapsody Magazine. In her interview, Mary discusses how she landed the part of Anna Simons in Kill the Messenger (Renner and director Michael Cuesta saw her work in Smashed and reached out to her), and how being known as a scream queen was “something that sort of happened”. You can read the rest of her interview and check out her stunning photo in the gallery.

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Thanks to Eden, I’ve added a new photo of Mary in this month’s Prestige Magazine. Head to the gallery to check out the great new pics.

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Yesterday, Mary’s interview for Bello Mag was released and today, I’ve added her outtakes from the shoot to the gallery that have been released via the photographer Tamar Levine. Enjoy the new photos and be sure to check out the interview by clicking the link above!

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Mary is looking as lovely as ever in the latest issue of Bello Mag. In the article, Mary talks about her love for French pop and how it influenced her album and how she came to work with Dan the Automator. Also, she talks about how after one episode of watching the French version of The Returned (Les Revenants), she became “hooked after one episode” (She’s starring in the A&E remake for 2015).

Be sure to read the full interview and check out the pics in the gallery.

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Mary is absolutely stunning in the latest issue of Institute Magazine. In the interview, Mary talks about her new films, Kill the Messenger and The Hollars, which actor has influenced her the most, and more. You can read the full interview here, along with some highlights below. And be sure to check out the gallery for the amazing new pictures!

Additionally, Yahoo! Movies debuted a new clip yesterday from Kill the Messenger, which you can now view below. The film will hit theaters on October 10th. I’ve also added caps of Mary into the gallery. You can view the full set by clicking on the thumbnails.

Institute: What drew you to the part of Anna Simons? Institute: How was it working alongside Jeremy Renner?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I was very excited to play Anna, as she’s the editor of the paper and quite an authoritative figure. And yet, she is still young and relatively inexperienced and not perfect. She’s smart and strong, but also fallible. She gets in a little over her head when the story breaks and her relationship with Gary becomes strained. It was great to get to play out this friendship/working relationship with Jeremy onscreen. He’s such an incredible actor and it was so easy to feel so many things for him in any given scene. Gary can be very frustrating for Anna at times, but what she sees him go through is ultimately heartbreaking.

Institute: You have worked alongside some incredible talent, who has been the most influential?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: It was great to watch Jeremy work- he’s such a free and instinctual actor. You never know what choices he’s going to make from scene to scene and that’s always really exciting and invigorating to act alongside. I’ve been lucky to work with a lot of actors who inspire me in so many ways.

Institute: What has been a stand-out out moment in your career so far?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I’ve had a few that have felt like personal milestones for me, but I think the film that still stands out for people is Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. I feel proud to be known as “Ramona Flowers” to the fans of that film. It’s gained quite a cult following over the past few years and I really hope it continues to grow. I’d be more than happy if that turns out to be the project I’m remembered for because it’s just such a great and completely unique film.

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