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The Dallas International Film Festival has posted the tribute video they did in honor of Mary last month when she received her Dallas Shining Star Award in Texas. Check it out below and head to the gallery to see the pics in case you missed them.

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I’ve added some new (but rather slightly old) candids of Mary doing some shopping while she visited Seoul last year when she did a quick promotional tour for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Head to the gallery to check out the pics!

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I’ve added screen-caps of Mary’s scenes in the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie. You can view all of them in the gallery.

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I’ve added some new production stills of Mary in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter thanks to Wolf-Lake. Check out all the new pics in the gallery.

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ShockTillYouDrop has revealed the details to the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Blu-Ray/DVD hitting stores on October 23.

  • 3-Disc Blu-ray 3D & 2-Disc Blu-ray Special Features:
  • The Great Calamity Graphic Novel
  • Audio Commentary with Writer Seth Grahame-Smith
  •  The Making of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  •  Dark Secrets: Book to Screen
  • On the Set: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  •  Vampire Hunting: Fight Choreography
  • The Art of Transformation: Make-Up Effects
  • A Visual Feast: Timur Bekmambetov’s Visual Style
  •  “Powerless” Music Video by Linkin Park
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Last week, Mary attended the South Korea premiere of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with Benjamin Walker and the film’s director Timur Bekmambetov. There haven’t really been many videos of the trio at the premiere, but I did manage to find the one posted below. And if you missed any of the pics of Mary at the premiere or press conference, hit the link above to check out the pics. Enjoy!

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Such a busy day today! Mary hit up Seoul, Korea for an Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter press conference and premiere. Mary attended the event with co-star Ben Walker and director Timur Bekmambetov. I made separate albums, so hit up the gallery to see all the photos from both events. I’ve also added candids of Mary arriving in Seoul. Thanks to Mari and Chloe for the fantastic pics!

Arriving in Seoul:

AL:VH Press conference:

AL:VH Korea Premiere:

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In case you missed seeing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in theaters, FX has come to your aide…in case you never feel like renting the DVD. The network announced that they’ve acquired The Amazing Spider-Man and Savages as two of the latest acquisitions. Both will reportedly air in late 2014. The network’s other summer movie acquisitions include PrometheusAbraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterThat’s My Boy, and Battleship.

FX also locked up five of the six No.1 titles this summer including The AvengersMen in Black 3Snow White and the Huntsman Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, and Ted.

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Talk about quick!

Dread Central has announced (via that the DVD for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will hit stores on September 18:

It’s only been 3 weeks since Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter began axe-chopping Confederate bloodsuckers at the box office, but we have to wait just 2 months before our 16th President emancipates our Union from the undead on DVD/Blu-ray. just announced that 20th Century Fox will be rushing the Tim Burton-produced, Timur Bekmambetov-directed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to DVD and Blu-ray as early as September 18th. No specific details, artwork, word of a 3D Blu-ray, or anything else regarding the release has been revealed yet other than the Blu-ray will also include both a digital and basic DVD copy.

We’ll have more details when they become available.

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In a new interview with AsiaOne, Mary discussed missing out on action scenes in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and about screen-testing as SHIELD agent Maria Hill for The Avengers. I’ve posted part of the interview, the rest can be read by clicking the link above:

Winstead, who is best known for her performances in Quentin Tarantino’s cult hit, Death Proof (2007), graphic novel-adaptation Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010) and last year’s sci-fi flick The Thing, is far from pleased about the “relative ease” she enjoyed in her role as Abraham Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln.

“I’m actually very jealous,” said the North Carolina native with a laugh, during a round table interview with reporters at The Ritz-Carlton Central Park.

“When I first signed on to do this movie, I was happy to take a break from action, as I had just finished Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, for which I did three months of martial arts training.

“Then, one day, I saw people doing stunts on set and I was like, ‘Oh man, I wish I could be one of them!’

“I remember I had a particular scene with Erin (Wasson) where she did a flip backwards…Right then, I was trying to stand up in my seat, because I wanted to do that too.”

On missing out playing the role of Agent Maria Hill in The Avengers, which went to Cobie Smulders:

“It was a matter of timing,” she explained.”At that time (during casting of The Avengers), I was more excited to find something small, which I felt would be the right type of project for me. So I did (indie flick) Smashed and it went to the Sundance Film Festival and got really good reviews.”

Mary also talked a little bit about her marriage towards the end, and about her new moves we’ll be seeing in an upcoming movie:

“I’m in this new movie where I have a small kick-boxing scene,” she said.

“After I made my moves, everyone was visibly surprised…Some asked me, ‘how did you know how to do that?'”


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