Mary in Bullett Magazine!

Mary is featured in the latest issue of Bullett Magazine looking absolutely lovely! Be sure to check out the scans in the gallery, and major thanks to kroqjock once again for providing these amazing scans! In the interview, Mary mostly talked about her upcoming film Smashed. While the shoot was grueling, it was a cathartic experience for her.

“Even though most days resulted in me bawling or screaming, I knew I’d be okay, because even if it nearly killed me, I could give it everything and in a few weeks I’d be a better actor because of it.”

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Caroline K. Fulford - June 1, 2012 @ 6:32 am


This is Caroline Fulford, I assist Juliet Thompson at Bullett Magazine. Thanks so much for the love on your gallery of scans. Can you please link back to Thank you.

Have a lovely day!


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